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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Love and Joy of Music!

Today, we are focusing on " The Love and Joy of Music". We are a family that enjoys Music. Whether it is singing, listening, dancing, playing the key board, music is a big part of our lives. Being a mommy, I love to have my little one to be part of this fun music experience. So, if you have kids around, whether their your own or your neighbors, let us share the fun of music.

To start off, I use this wonderful piano book called " Play me another song " by Jimmy Tanaka. It is the perfect music book, for your little one to start with and get familiar with playing the piano. What I find amazing about the piano book, that it comes with the keyboard. All you need is batteries and your child is ready to play the piano.

Find a nice quiet area, where she can feel comfortable. Sophia loves her room, so we sat at her table. She wanted to play the song " Row, Row, Row your boat". Once the selection of the song was made, she had to press the keys that match the numbered notes above each word.

Simple as that. As you already know, children are eager to learn things, so Sophia was quite eager. First, I showed her how to play the piano book, and then it was her turn. Fantastic! She loved playing the piano book. We kept playing for a while and by the look of her face, you can tell how fascinating she was by it. It truly captured her attention!

Don't forget to have your Happy face on, because believe me you will have fun making music.

You do not necessarily have to get a piano book like the one I showed. You can find anything around your house to make music. Let your child pick out their favorite instrument or if they cannot select one choose one for them and make music together. It is all about team work and having fun making music.

So, whether your a mommy, daddy, grandparents, neighbors, friends, family members and so on, let's spread the "Love and Joy of Music" with children everywhere.

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