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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Colorful Hand Prints

Today, I wanted to do some more crafty activities with the little one and had to put my crafty hat on. Brainstorming on what I can come up with and seeing what I have around the house to be creative. Suddenly a light in my head started to blink! "Show Me Mama" was ready to start her crafty project for today. Do you know of any child that does not like to paint or does not like to have fun? I decided to do some painting around the house but not just regular old painting but hand printing. Lets get those pretty little hands dirty with paint. Here we go!

Supplies we need:

Old pillowcase
Paint bottles
Paper towel
Child or children (I have one at the moment, so that will be
good enough) LOL

We did this in the kitchen, since the sink is close by, we can use it to quickly wash up. First, start by placing the pillowcase on the table.

Pour your color on the plate. Have your little one place their hands in all the colorful paint. Let them press on the pillowcase and leave a colorful hand print. As you can see my Sophia just had a blast rubbing all the paint on her hand and pressing it on the pillowcase.
Add more colors to the pillowcase and be creative with all the handprints. Sophia used all the colors that I had on the table.

Repeat the process and leave more hand prints on the pillowcase until it is totally covered. Once it is done, wash those pretty little hands and let the pillowcase dry out on the table or outside. You can frame it or pin it on the wall. Voila! Now, we have a created a personal, beautiful and colorful art work. Love it!

What a great way to show off their beautiful colorful hand prints. This can be hung in the room are anywhere they want. It can be treasured forever and ever. Have fun creating this fun project and can't wait to read all your wonderful comments.

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Monday, March 8, 2010

"Trace Me" Wall Art.

As we all know occasionally the weather can prevent us from doing any activities outside the house and today is that occasion for us. It is a rainy, windy day and I decided to stay in with my little one. In order to keep the little busy bee busy, I came up with a fun, creative, and educational activity. So, lets begin our fun and creative activity.

Before we start you'll be needing:

Your child (LOL)
Large Piece of Paper
Scotch Tape
Construction Paper
Place to hang your Wall Art
Don't forget your Happy Face :)

Find an area you want to work. Place a large piece of paper on the floor and ask your little one to lie down flat on that paper. Then you start tracing your little one. Let her trace you as well. She traced me, but since it was just the two of us, there was no one else to capture the moment on camera. LOL.
Once, she has been traced on the large paper, she wanted to trace over her own outline. My "Sophia" wanted to draw the mouth first, as you can see from the picture. She drew the entire face.

Then, we end up coloring the entire outline "Red".

Don't forget to let them write their names, every art work needs some kind of name recognition.

If you have a favorite picture of your little one, you can place it on the head area, to give it more of a personality. They will love it, but in the end my little one, wanted to see her own art work.

Cut out and place the outline of your little one aside. Get your construction paper and write down the body parts of your little one's outline. Once it is completed, attach scotch tape on each word. Ask them where they want to hang their own body outline.
My little one selected the wall in her bedroom. Attach the outline on the wall with the help of your little one. Read the words out loud and see where they want to place it. If they need assistance, guide them through the process.

Once, all the words are placed in order, ask them to point out the words and to say them out loud. Now, we have created a "Trace Me" Wall Art. Not only is this project fun, creative and educational but it is also their own wall art. They will love it and treasure it forever!

Enjoy and let me know if you have done it. Love to read all your lovely comments.


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