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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Crafty 4th of July Firecracker Pom Pom Wreath!

Since, we are celebrating our Independence Day on the 4th of July, why not make this day even more special by making another crafty project. I am in the mood to decorate the door and give it a little firecracker look, what do you think?  So, lets get started on our fun, exciting 4th of July crafty tutorial.

Aleene's Tacky Glue (You can use Hot glue, but if working with kids, use Aleene's glue)
Pompoms (Red, White and Blue)
Foam wreath
Reach for your felt and cut them in several square pieces or you can wrap the felt around the entire foam wreath.  Sophia of course wanted the square pieces, so that is what we ended up doing.  

Now, go ahead and reach for your square pieces of felt and gather your pompoms together. We will start with the white square felt pieces. Take the red pompoms and damp it in some glue and place it on the white square piece of felt.  Continue this process until you have enough to complete the inside of the wreath circle.

Next, you rub some glue onto the foam wreath and start placing all the pompom pieces on to the foam wreath.
Take the white pompoms and damp each of them in some glue and place them behind the red pompoms.  Continue this process until the circle is complete. Keep a little section open on top to wrap your ribbon.
Then you will glue the blue pompoms behind the white pompoms, complete the circle as well and fill all the blue pompoms close together, so it looks really fluffy and full.

Once, the wreath is full of red, white and blue pompoms, get your lovely decorative 4th of July ribbon and tie it around the wreath. Voila,  you have created your own Crafty Firecracker Pompom Wreath.  What a fantastic way to decorate your front door or any room with this lovely handmade project. Here is my little silly Sophia having fun with her new 4th of July wreath!
Remember, you can use any other color pompoms you like for any occasion, make it your own and have fun with it. Enjoy and now it is your turn to create one of your own. Let me know how it turns out, I am curious to know. See you next time for more crafty projects!


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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Putumayo Kids Present Rock & Roll Playground Review.

As I said before in my previous blog posts. We are a family that loves music and when we listen to it, we all have fun and sing along with it. We were given the opportunity to review another music CD and this was from Putumayo Kids Presents Rock N' Roll Playground. I was thrilled and even more excited than ever. I have a previous Putumayo CD and believe me, I love it a lot. Sophia and I have routine where we go to her bedroom and play music and start singing and dancing. Once again we had a great time listening and singing out loud with the CD.

The Putumayo Rock N' Roll Playground has a great fun beat to dance and sing to. Kids of all all ages can dance, shake, jump and wiggle to the songs and really have fun with it. Putumayo's is definitely a world music for everyone to enjoy. It introduces children to love and enjoy music from different cultures, through fun upbeat rhythm music from around the world. My little one really enjoyed it and was dancing the entire time we were playing it.

Here is a little more about Putumayo Rock n Roll playgroud: "Celebrated children’s music label Putumayo Kids is set to release a tribute to the early history of rock & roll with their newest CD, Rock and Roll Playground. Kids of all ages can shake, rattle and roll to music by a stellar group of established and up-and-coming artists. A charmingly illustrated read-aloud booklet also accompanies the CD, with notes about the history of rock and roll and the story of each song.
The songs on Rock & Roll Playground were recorded in recent years but were inspired by the evolution of the genre. Grammy® Award winners Dan Zanes and Friends invite you to “bug” and “twist” on the song “Let’s Shake,” while rockabilly royalty Rosie Flores churns out feverish licks on “This Little Girl’s Gone Rockin’.” Grammy Award winner Taj Mahal and Linda Tillery lend an infectious Bo Diddley beat to “Willie and The Hand Jive,” and noted singer-songwriter Peter Himmelman delivers a classic rock performance on “Little Bitty Baby.”
Grammy Award winner Bill Harley sings about a slumbering teenage brother in “Sleep the Whole Day Through” and Uncle Rock performs a blues-infused cover of the Steppenwolf classic “Magic Carpet Ride.” Rock & Roll Playground also features 2009 Grammy nominee Brady Rymer as well as Charity and the JAMband; New Jersey’s StarFish; Parents’ Choice® Gold award winner Roger DayMelissa Green and John Lennon Songwriting Contest winners Rhythm Child."

Putumayo Kids is hosting an online "Air Guitar Video Contest" beginning June 1st through August 1st.  Parents can visit Putumayo Kids and submit video's of their children playing air guitar to the "StarFish's song " The Starfish Stomp"  for a chance to win an in-homeconcert with the band. The video is of lead StarFish singer Ray ("Stingray") Leone's son. Isn't that a great contest to enter!

Now, what are you waiting for. Head over to Putumayo Kids for information on new and previous releases. Putumayo Kids CDs are available in more then 5,000 stores, book stores, children boutiques and other stores in more then 75 countries.  The Putumayo Rock & Roll Playground CD will be available in stores on June 29th. (Suggested retail price of  $14.98)

Sophia had so much fun dancing on the Putumayo Rock N' Roll CD, that we will be playing it again and again. 
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My opinions are my honest, and thoughtful views and were not influenced by any source. I was not compensated monetarily for this review. Thank you to Putumayo Kids  for providing a complimentary sample for the review.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Best of the Laurie Berkner Band CD Review.

We had an opportunity to review The Best of the Laurie Berkner Band CD and it was fantastic. My little one already knew a few of the songs from seeing Laurie Berkner on Nick Jr.  When I played the CD and the first song started to play, she started to scream out loud "Buzz Buzz Buzz Buzz," it was really funny.  She already knew the words of the song. She started to dance and jump in circles, and I was singing along with her. All the songs are fun and easy to sing along with. The songs were not to long and were very energetic. I know my personal favorite was "Boots". I love it when she spells it out, B-O-O-T-S, and Sophia was singing it out loud too. Even after we played the CD, she was still singing it without the music. Laurie also has the lyrics to the songs posted on her website. Parents and children will all enjoy The Best of the Laurie Berkner Band.
Here is a little bit more about The Best of the Laurie Berkner Band CD: "The hottest thing in kids’ music returns! The Laurie Berkner Band’s catchy tunes and joyful lyrics not only earned them a regular role on Jack’s Big Music Show on NOGGIN (now Nick Jr.), but also numerous awards, rave reviews, huge album and DVD sales (in excess of 1.5 million!) and a following of pre-schoolers and parents nationwide. Now all of the most popular tunes from all five albums and her best-selling DVD are together in one amazing compilation simply titled The Best of The Laurie Berkner Band."  

If you have kids, I recommend you to purchase the CD, because my daughter literally, sings it each and every day and wants to play it over again and again. Our morning starts with breakfast, then it's off to teaching time, where we start off with some music and that is when we play The Best of the Laurie Berkner Band CD. It is a great way to entertain and interact with kids.

Head on over to the Laurie Berkner Band website and order your CD.  Believe me, you will truly enjoy it! The CD will be released on June 29th, so hurry and purchase yours!

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My opinions are my honest, and thoughtful views and were not influenced by any source. I was not compensated monetarily for this giveaway. Thank you to Laurie Berkner Band  for providing a complimentary sample for the review.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Coming Soon: Patriotic My Pillow Pets Review and Giveaway!

As we all celebrate The United States Independence Day on 4th of July, we honor our country and those that served it. Pillow Pets designed this limited edition Patriotic Pillow pets to celebrate our Independence Day and to honor our troops. This will the perfect gift for your little one or for anyone that wants to support a good cause.

Patriotic My Pillow Pets® Plush Folding Stuffed Animals Fund 
Scholarships for Military Children

Five dollars of every limited edition stuffed dog sold benefits

Oceanside, CA – June 23, 2010 – Your heart beats true for the red, white and blue and your child’s heart pumps for My Pillow Pets® plush folding stuffed animals. This Fourth of July, honor those who serve your country and your child with the purchase of a special, limited edition My Pillow Pets® plush folding stuffed animal with $5.00 of the cost donated to Scholarships for Military Children, an organization that provides scholarships to the children of military personnel. 

The Scholarships for Military Children Program is primarily funded through the generosity of manufacturers and suppliers whose products are sold at military commissaries worldwide. Military families are encouraged to take advantage of their commissary benefits that not only provide a savings of more than 30 percent on the products purchased, but also support the military community through programs such as this scholarship. My Pillow Pets® is proud to be a supporter of Scholarships for Military Children.
A unique website has been created for these special, patriotic My Pillow Pets® Only 3,000 of the limited edition My Pillow Pets® plush folding stuffed dogs are available at a price of $24.95 plus $6.95 shipping and handling.

Made of ultra-soft chenille, My Pillow Pets® plush folding stuffed animals are much more than a snuggly toy. With a strap that closes underneath to transform the pillow into a friendly pet, they are an ideal travel pal, naptime buddy and all-around cuddly friend. My MyPillow Pets® plush folding stuffed animals are available in 20 different animals including jungle animals, farm critters and sea creatures, in addition to this limited edition Fouth of July dog, and are machine washable.

For more information about My Pillow Pets® plush folding stuffed animals, please visit

About My Pillow Pets®

Since 2003, My Pillow Pets® plush folding stuffed animals have been bringing smiles to the faces of all ages. The concept for the snuggly companions was the brainchild of a San Diego-based mother of two, who had grown tired of picking up stuffed animals strewn across her children’s rooms. What began with the simple goal of transforming a simple stuffed animal into a functional item for children has grown into an amazing jungle of popular retail and wholesale products. For more information, please visit  What are you waiting for head over and purchase one or even several Patriotic My Pillow Pets.  It is all for a good cause.

Now, stay tuned, later this month for Show Me Mama's Patriotic My Pillow Pets review and giveaway!  You will have a chance to win one!

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