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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Egg Hunting!

Today, we are celebrating our Wedding Anniversary and also enjoyed the afternoon Easter Egg Hunting with our little one. Not only was it an incredible sunny day, but it sure was "HOT". We had to bring quite a bit of water to cool us down.
Well, we dressed her up and went to our community Easter Egg Hunting event. We were a little bit early, so Sophia decided to play at the park for a little while and then it was off to take a picture with the famous Easter Bunny. Yep, she was so excited to see the Easter Bunny that, she wanted to take more pictures.

After that, we were provided with lovely snacks of cookies and punch. Sophia chose her favorite cookie, Chocolate Chip Cookie, along with a cup of punch.
Next, we headed off to our favorite activity of the day, the craft table, where Sophia was creating her own "Easter Bunny" goodie bag. Sophia had so much fun at the craft table and wanted to make more bags.
After the crafts, Sophia finally can do some Easter Egg Hunting. She was ready to fill up her pail with eggs. She did not want a Easter basket, she wanted her "Dora" pail that aunt Dawn gave her. Finally, it was time to pick up the Easter Eggs and off she went, running so fast. For the most part she picked up more yellow eggs then any other color. I told her to go after more eggs, but she told me that the yellow ones looked like the "Golden Egg", so she wanted only the yellow eggs. That made us laugh.

Sophia had so much fun and wanted to do it again.

Hope you all took your kids "Easter Egg Hunting" because it sure puts a smile on their faces and yours, seeing the kids have so much fun. Hope you enjoy this entry, please let me know how your Easter Egg Hunting went. Looking forward to hearing your wonderful comments.


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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Festive Mini Felt Purses!

This past weekend, I was busy trying to organize some of my craft supplies and to my surprise, I came across a bag full of felt. So I decided to do another craft idea with the little one. This time around, we will be making "Festive Mini Felt Purses". Yep, since she loves to carry my purse everywhere, why not let her make/design her own fashionable felt purse. Now, let's begin our tutorial.

Supplies you will need:

Felt pieces (a variety of colors)
Felt glue (no sew or regular white glue)
Scissor (Hole punch)
Pom Pom (variety of colors)
Glitter (any color you desire)
Let them pick out their favorite felt color. Sophia decided to go with blue, since it is her favorite color. Place the felt sheet flat down on the table. They will glue both sides of the felt sheet and fold in half length-wise.
Start cutting out various shapes (hearts, diamonds, squares, rectangles, circles and more) from the other felt sheets. Sophia wanted heart shapes, so I started to cut out some heart shapes and other shapes as well. Pour glue on the front of the purse and place the shapes on top and press down and let go. Sophia placed a lot of heart shapes on her purse and decorated it with pom pom. To add a little sparkle to the purse, daddy wrote down her name with glue and let her sprinkle blue glitter on top. Be sure to put a piece of paper underneath to clean up the glitter.
Shake off the remainder of the glitter and set aside to dry off. Cut out two holes on each side of of the purse. Feed the ribbon through the hole and tie a knot. Doesn't that look too cute and glittery!
Of course Sophia wanted to make more felt purses, so we decided to add more to the collection. She wanted to make a pink heart shape purse. Cut out a heart shape out of the felt sheet. Glue both sides and place them on top of each other and press down. Be sure to only glue the sides. Decorate your felt purse with everything you have at hand (pom pom, cut out shapes, glitter, ribbon and more)
Take a peek at a few more of Sophia's felt purse collection!
Make as many felt purses as you want and continue the process. Be creative and make it your own. Let your little ones have fun with this activity and let them decorate their purses as much as they can. Because in the end they will be the one carrying the purse!
Enjoy this wonderful project and let me know how it went. Can't wait to real all your wonderful comments!


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