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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Egg-cellent Decorative Easter Eggs

It is just a great feeling to know that Spring is finally here! I have been waiting for a while to say "Hello" to my favorite season to arrive. What could be a perfect activity more than any other activity to celebrate Spring? How about making your own "Egg-cellent Decorative Easter Eggs". This method of decorating your Easter eggs can be very messy, but extremely exciting and fun! Just be certain to wear an apron and spread quite a bit of newspaper around your work table to catch your little ones scattered paint. Now, let's start decorating our "Egg-cellent Decorative Eggs"

Paint bottles
Paint brushes
Apron or smock
Egg carton
Construction or manila paper
Glass with water
Newspaper or any other roll of paper (Cover the work table)

Start spreading newspaper or any other roll paper on your work table. Pour all the paint colors you will be using in the egg carton. As you can see, Sophia was so excited to pour the paint in the egg carton, that she forgot to put on her apron.
Get your construction or manila paper and start tracing the shape of an egg. Place several sheets of paper together and cut out some egg shapes, then place it on the table. Give them each a cut out egg shape and let them start decorating their eggs anyway they want.
Sophia was way too eager to start painting and since I am always protective of her clothes, I made sure she had her apron on this time. Wear some play clothes or make sure you have "Oxi-Clean" at hand.
Make as many decorative eggs as you want. Encourage them to use all the colors. Paint stripes, polka dots, wiggly lines, faces or anything you can think of. Be creative. Place the completed decorative eggs in a different area to dry out. Once they are all finished with decorating the eggs and they have all dried, glue them on a large piece of roll paper or stick tape to the back of the eggs and post them all over your walls.
Now, we have created our fun, exciting Egg-cellent Decorative Easter Eggs.
Enjoy this Easter project with your children and let me know how it went. Love to read all your wonderful comments.


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Monday, March 15, 2010

Good Times Golfing!

Since, we were having such beautiful weather lately, we decided to take this opportunity to spend some time outdoors. We headed off to see the Grandparents, and what can be better than to enjoy a nice day playing Golf. It was Sophia's first time playing Golf and she was very excited to play. She did not just have any white ball Grandpa gave her a special pink ball to play with.
Now, we take a few minutes to practice our swing, angles and so on. Sophia is trying her best to practice hitting her ball into the field. After everyone practiced hitting the balls, we set off to play some Golf.
Every stop we made, Sophia was so quick to get out off the golf cart and start hitting her ball. She was so fascinated by it that she could not stop. She swung and swung all excited to hit the ball in the hole. With the help of Grandpa, Daddy and Gigi, she was determined to play some more golf. We headed home and Sophia was so tired that she ended up falling a sleep in the car. She had quite a fun and productive day.
Since, she had so much fun playing with Grandpa and Gigi, she wanted to continue playing golf. So, I decided to come up with a fun homemade indoor golf course and golf club.

Supplies we need to build our golf club and course:

Swiffer Dusters Extender
Cookie Container
Oatmeal box
Shoe box
Any Box size you want

In order to make the golf club make two holes at the end of the sponge and slide the Swiffer Duster Extender through the two holes (just like you would, when you slide the dusters) simple as that. Get your shoe box and cut the ends open, to make the ball roll from one end to the other. Cut out the bottom of the Oatmeal box. Now put all those materials in a row and line them up, so the ball can roll from the beginning to the end.
Not only have you created your handmade golf club, but you have also created a golf course as well with everything you have found around the house. Be creative and come up with your own course, use blocks, toys or anything you can imagine that would make a fun putt putt course. Now, let's play some "Indoor Golf" and let me know how it went. Can't wait to read some of your sweet comments.

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